Dublin Bikes Website

DublinBike.info is a small web site that I contributed to as part of a project group for my Computer Science module. As a group we were challenged to use a number of web APIs to get data and display this data to the user.

Using the JCDeaux Dublin Bikes API our site retrieves the availability of bicycles at each station. Each station is plotted on a Google Map with a pin. The colour of the pin changes to represent the availability of bicycles. This information is also displayed as a heat map and individual pins can be clicked for more detailed data. Individual stations are searchable with the station list at the top of the site and weather information is also provided at the top of the page from the accuweather.com API.

The site is hosted on AWS and uses an NGINX server and the Flask micro-framework. The main challenges of this project were getting to grips with the languages involved such as Javascript and Python given it was one of our first projects. Structuring the API which we developed also required a lot of deliberation!

The site can be found online here.

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