PDF Report Generator

Last year I wrote some software for CirrusMedia. They are doing great things in the world of dailies management for film and television. Using some fantastic software they have developed they have massively reduced the time it takes to get dailies from set to edit suite using the cloud and 4G connections.

I helped to streamline their process a little further by collating all the media they manage on a daily basis and output it as a formatted PDF report. There were a few challenges to this as the media is in a number of places and in a number of formats.

I used FFProbe to read the duration and number of streams from each video and audio file. This is then compared with the master backup and what has been delivered to the cloud system. The data is then outputted to the user as a PDF at the end of each shoot day for the client and company records.

Below is a sample of the styling of the PDF report.

PDF Header

This is was a standard Python project but was a good challenge and a great way to put some of the skills that I had been learning in my masters to practical use.

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